Postnatal Depression Borders

November 2023 Concert Charity

Postnatal depression affects 10-15% of mothers. In the Scottish Borders Region there are approximately 850 births annually so over 85 mothers are at risk. 

PND Borders was founded to provide psychological, moral and educational support to families within the Scottish Borders Region suffering post-natal and antenatal depression. The charity provides therapy and support for mothers suffering from post-natal depression through counselling for individuals and groups, art therapy, infant massage, and other therapeutic and educational activities to support them and their wider families. It operates in the space between the psychiatric and psychological services within the NHS for the seriously ill and the peer support services for the mildly unwell.  PND Borders also offers support for fathers and a crèche facility where babies and if necessary, older toddlers, are looked after whilst the mother is with us and this time spent with trained and experienced carers is beneficial for the babies. Referrals to PND Borders support and services  is made through a Health Professional (e.g., a Health Visitor, G.P. or Community Midwife), who are in close touch with new mothers who can become unwell as much as a year after the birth.

The members of our counselling team are all professionally qualified and are externally supervised on a monthly basis as part of their professional codes of standards and ethics.The service is based in a small house in Galashiels, Scottish Borders, which contains three consultation rooms, one room for the crèche, a staff kitchen and an office shared by the Assistant Manager and Therapeutic Services Manager. The charity is not funded by the NHS and replies on securing grants and awards from various trusts and foundations.

£400 raised for PND Borders at our inaugural concert in November 2023

Our committe member, Gillian Arbuckle, hands over the cheque for £400 raised at our November concert to Barbara Wright, Chair of PND Borders

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